Jaime Escalante Tribute Page To The Best Mathematics Teacher Who Ever Lived


     I am a former student of Jaime Escalante who taught at East Los Angeles College at night for 2-years. I was part of a small group of students who had the luck of our lives to learn Pre-Calculus, Calculus 1, Calculus 2, and Calculus 3, with him.


    I am humbled to add that he considered me the best Mathematics student in that group and encouraged me to major in Mathematics.  I did. I didn't know what to major in, as I started at East Los Angeles College   in remedial Math and English courses.


      I thought majoring in Mathematics was for "smart people" and that certainly was not me. The most important thing Jaime Escalante taught me was not Calculus. The most important thing Jaime Escalante  taught me was that  I was wrong about myself.  And, I am not alone.


     If you are telling yourself the same thing, then you are wrong too! We can do a lot more than what we are telling ourselves.

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