Arturo S Almanza and Netividad Almanza My Grandparents

     I would like to let everyone know that my Grandfather was a big influence in my life as a person and as a Mathematics Instructor. He was a leader in the Mexican American Civil Rights movement and represented Mexican Americans in the Los Angles County Human Relations Commission during the Civil Rights Movement. I was fortunate to grow up hearing my grandfather discuss the "Mexican American Experience" and the history of Mexican American's in the United States. His goal was to educate all people and in particular Mexican Americans on their "identity".


     The racism my grandparent's experienced during their early lifetime can instantly bring me to tears when I think about it. It is because of their experience, sacrifice, and pain, that I vowed to never become like the people who condemned us for our heritage. Racism and intolerance have no place in our lives.

       Grandma, thank you for your sacrifice and commitment to our family.  I know how difficult things were for you in taking care of your husband, children, and grandchildren.  You enabled us all to get an education and were the backbone of our family.  You put our needs before your own and we can never repay you for your unselfish support.


     I will never forget the day you cried as I packed my bags to go to Marine Officer Candidate School. I never realized the toll it took on you to watch your husband go to war, your son go to war, and now your grandson prepare for war. All I ever wanted to do was make you proud of me and I am sorry for the tears you shed that day. It's something I still think about. Thank you for your love and devotion to  our family.  We all depended on you more than you will ever know and will have a place in our hearts forever.


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